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Check out George's recent compositions. Visit the music store where you can purchase   and download The New Generation, Then and Now (recorded on the new "The Real Deal" CD), Brown Knows Rose, and Minor Point of View as well as Doxy, Mulligan's Nest, I Love You, I'm Beginning to See the Light, Gone Without a Trace, and So Much to Tell You.     Each chart includes parts, full conductor score and cover page.

You can find more of George's charts at  UNC Jazz Press, Walrus Music Publishing, and Hal Leonard Publishing. Need a chart not available? Contact us and we will try get you what you need.

Check out about george, recordings, music, etc... for the latest information about George, his charts and other music production services. Visit the music store where you can purchase a CD or MP3 download of George's albums The Real Deal and Piece by Piece

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